The Warehouse

For years, railfans have asked us to open a company store.. this is that store..

The North Shore Warehouse is an affiliate of the North Shore Railroad Company (NSHR). NSHR was established in 1984, based out of Northumberland, PA, and, today, operates six short line railroads across Central PA.

The North Shore Railroad Company
356 Priestley Avenue
Northumberland, PA 17857

Open 8am – 4pm weekdays

wh logo inverted2.png

The Warehouse logo was inspired by North Shore’s home office in Northumberland, PA.
The building was originally the Lackawanna Freight House, built in 1915.
The Freight House was reconstructed into an office by North Shore, holding the original building design - depicted by the Warehouse logo.

Our mission at NSHR is to be the most customer focused and safest transportation system possible, provide quality regional rail freight service to customers in Central Pennsylvania, conduct our business with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism, and be responsible civic partners with the communities we serve. Our six short lines are the Juniata Valley Railroad, the Lycoming Valley Railroad, the Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad, the North Shore Railroad, the Shamokin Valley Railroad, and the Union County Industrial Railroad.